Bionome Facials

At Zarina’s Touch of Beauty, Bionome Spa, we are dedicated to your well-being through healthy beauty and wellness. We believe in healthy, safe skincare with a conscience, therefore we exclusively use and sell products that are completely safe and 100% BIONOME.

We offer seven distinct BIONOME facials using Dr. Baumann skincare products, treating the specific condition of the skin. We believe our responsibility to society is truth in what we offer in products and treatments. We believe our leadership role, and our transparency in the spa industry is our skin point of difference in the marketplace.


Zarina’s philosophy

We are not concerned with the skin fashion trends, media hype, nor celebrity endorsements as this is not the criteria for effective, healthy and safe skincare. We provide you with skin friendly, skin compatible and or skin identical ingredients; compatible with your own skin, the natural biochemistry of the skin.  We treat for optimum results and guarantee our treatments and products will only benefit your skin and well-being.
Healthy and 100% BIONOME facials ~ own your health and life via bionome beauty  and wellness.
The products we use for our facials are:

100% free of chemical sunscreens, colorants, preservatives and parabens
100% free of fragrance
100% free of mineral oils and petroleum based ingredients
100% free of oxygen
100% free of animal substances
100% Bionome and compatible with the skinitself


Hydra Intense Facial

A “Moisture Surge” for dehydrated skin

Hydra Intense will turn your dehydrated condition around and provide your skin with the “surge” of moisture it desperately needs. Relax to sounds of the sea and fragrance of choice to indulge your senses.

The mix of the Humidity ampoule and Liposome mask will infuse and replenish your skin with essential moisture. The Multi Active Ceramid Liposome will reinforce this intense hydrating treatment reaching the deepest layers of the skin. A “spoiling” massage with the Intensive Cream combined with ethereal oils of Rose and Sandalwood will restore the skin’s balance and harmony leaving it looking refreshed and visibly hydrated.

This treatment is perfect for the winter months when our skin gets the worst beating from the constant change of temperatures.



Rosacea Calm Facial

A gentle treatment for sensitive, couperose and rosacea skins

People with rosacea or couperose tend to have more sensitive, delicate and easily irritated skin. The Rosacea Calm treatment can make an immediate difference to your skin’s appearance. “Spoil” your senses with an ambiance of complete serenity.

The delicate scent of rose will create an inviting space where you can immerse yourself in a gentle pampering experience. Enjoy a luxurious neck massage with warm Rose essential oil to relax the muscles and help to drain congestion away.

A unique feather light fan brush massage and special effect of the Horse Chestnut Ampule and Sensitive Cream especially designed for couperose skin promise to visibly reduce any redness and irritation leaving your skin calm, beautiful and wonderfully relaxed.



So Pure Acne Clear Facial

A deep clearing treatment for Acne skin

Enjoy the clean freshness of lemon and soft music. A light peel, mixed with Cream Mask will remove dead surface cells as the mask purifies and cleanses the skin. Liposome Multi Active Manuka, Tea Tree and Lavender will penetrate deep into your skin purifying and disinfecting the problem areas at their source.

The Herb Vital ampoule with Basil and Chamomile will calm, sooth and further disinfect your skin.

The light Multivitamin Fluid will complete this deep clearing treatment, leaving a visible improvement to your skin and a more confident you.



No Stress Facial

Take time out to regain your inner peace and balance

This harmonizing treatment promised a feeling of total renewal, tranquility and a return to inner serenity. Immerse yourself in the pleasing bouquet of Apricot, Jasmine and Lavender ethereal oils used to enhance the calming effects of the treatment.

An added spoiling is the head and neck “warm oil” massage to initiate your de-stress experience. The Multi Active Liposomes penetrate deep into your skin affecting a complete rebalancing and harmonizing, while the coolness of Aloe Vera soothes your stress away.
Take the time to enjoy the “no stress” experience – an emotional vacation for both mind and spirit. The No Stress treatment will immediately restore a glowing, relaxed appearance to your skin whilst allowing you to centre yourself and feel renewed and ready for another busy day.


Youthful You Facial

A luxurious anti-aging treatment for a youthful more beautiful skin.

Relax in an ambiance of delicate jasmine scented candles and soft music.

Indulge yourself with a gentle treating hand massage and mask. Enjoy the warmth of scented compresses. Peel away dull surface cells to reveal a new freshness and enrich your skin with a massage using the Liposome Multi Actove Super Cure and the Liposome Mask. Evening Primrose oil and Vitamin A will support cell renewal and intensify the anti-aging effect. Experience a special treat with the Intensive Cream for deep reaching immediate results.

On leaving the treatment room, glance into a mirror and see a visibly more youthful exciting you.


sun repair

Sun Repair Facial

An Intense Treatment for Sun Damaged Skin

Our sun repair treatment tackles UV overload that helps skin that’s been sun damaged for decades—so your skin doesn’t have to suffer.

The cleansing milk, facial tonic lotion, Dr. Baumann AHA peels, and Liposome Multi-Active E+C will instantly repair the damaged Hydra Lyphidic barrier.  This antioxidant cell repairer will help to reduce and refine the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and diminish skin discolorations

The Liposome Mask will calm, hydrate, heal and regenerate sun damaged skin. The treatment is completed with Intensive Cream to treat both sun damaged and atrophic skin.



A Lifting Treatment

For firmer toned younger skin

Special attention on the face, neck and decollete area with our luxury Cleansing Milk Super. The Facial Tonic Lotion will tone and hydrate your skin. Rose Body Tonic in combination with the peel improves the circulation and is a further step on the way to a firmer, glowing skin.

Liposome Multi-Active Super Cure nourishes your skins Basal and Dermal layer of the Epidemis with valuable vitamins and essential fatty acids.

The Vitamin A ampoule is essential for the creation of new cells and is, therefore, an important and aging ingredient.


visible lift